26 januar 2006

Architecture of Density

Tyskeren Michael Wolf har vært bosatt i Hong Kong en årrekke. Gjennom bildeserien Architecture of Density gir han et innblikk i en verden som gjør sterkt inntrykk på en naturkjær nordmann.

I Hong Kong bor det 6700 mennesker per kvadratkilometer, mot 1152 i Oslo. Dermed ender man i Hong Kong opp med i stable mange i høyden, noe Wolfs bilder dokumenterer mesterlig.

Some of the structures in the series are photographed without reference to the context of sky or ground, and many buildings are seen in a state of repair or construction: their walls covered with a grid of scaffolding or the soft colored curtains that protect the streets below from falling debris. From a distance, such elements become a part of the photograph's intricate design.

Upon closer inspection of each photograph, the anonymous public face of the city is full of rewarding detail- suddenly public space is private space, and large swatches of color give way to smaller pieces of people's lives. The trappings of the people are still visible here: their days inform the detail of these buildings. Bits of laundry and hanging plants pepper the tiny rectangles of windows- the only irregularities in this orderly design.


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