21 februar 2009

Redskaper for medvirkning ved miljøendringer

Frode Svane har en omfattende nettside som presenterer "Redskaper for medvirkning ved miljøendringer":
  1. Environmental analysis in actual target groups. Comparative analysis in time and space: before and now, here and there. New general understanding.
  2. Visual communication. Dias series (slides programs) To see common problems and to get inspiration how to solve the problems. "How to use dias-series in participation processes".
  3. Surveys/excursions. With or without children. With or without parents or other adults (teachers etc). In the neighbourhoods or in other local societies.
  4. Informative questionnaires. With drawings/pictures. Always combined with slides programs and dialogues through these.
  5. The "Work-Book Method". Description in English and German.
  6. Modelproduction. Analysis, learning processes connected to modelproduction.
  7. Teaching map-reading. Mapping.
  8. "Example actions". "Example actions" are small "pilot projects" reflecting main intensions in greater projects.
  9. Processdocumentation. Methods and tools for action research: Running feed-back etc. Exhibitions etc.
Nettsiden inneholder en rekke lenker, blant annet til UNESCO-prosjektet Growing Up in Cities.

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