14 mars 2006

On-Site: New Architecture in Spain

The Museum of Modern Art setter med «On-Site: New Architecture in Spain» søkelyset på utviklingen av moderne arkitektur i Spania, et land som skiller seg positivt ut både innen arkitektur og design.

Utstillingen, som står fram til 1. mai, presenterer 18 nybygde prosjekter, sammen med 35 prosjekter som er planlagt igangsatt i nær fremtid.

This exhibition documents the most recent architectural developments in a country that has become known in recent years as an international center for design innovation and excellence. The exhibition features thirty-five significant architectural projects that are currently in design or under construction. These works are considered in relation to an additional eighteen projects, each of which are a major architectural accomplishment completed in Spain within the last few years.

The projects presented will reflect the geographic and generational diversity of the current wave of new projects and their architects, as well as a wide range of scales—from a single private house to a new international airport. The exhibition will not only reflect the accomplishments of Spanish architects, but also the contributions of professionals from elsewhere.

Et eksempel fra utstillingen:
Zaha Hadid Architects
Euskotren Headquarters Development, Durango, Vizacaya
Projected completion date 2009

Flash-film med presentasjon av flere prosjekter finnes via utstillingens nettsider:

MoMA.org | Exhibitions | 2006 | On-Site: New Architecture in Spain.

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