16 oktober 2018

Tall Stories 128: Y-Block

Monocles Noland Giles forteller om sitt møte med Y-blokka i Oslo sentrum:

On a snowy winter's day last year I found myself trudging through Oslo city centre when I saw a building of such a striking nature I was halted in my tracks a curved concrete brutalist structure, some five stories high, wrapped its way around a quiet corner of the city centre with a nod to the 1950s built UNESCO- headquarters in Paris
its design is in fact a true homage to the nature of Norway that pebble - concrete so warm in character was in fact a material pioneered by Viksjø he called his natural concrete and it features thousands of small stones gathered from the nation's streams and rivers the materials contrast against the sandblasted elements which were designed to be used as giant canvases for artistic works is so beautiful that when Picasso first saw pictures of the proposal he dashed straight out to his garden to show his gardener just what could be achieved with concrete.

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